As we enter the second half of 2020 and glimmers of normality return to our day to day lives we have started to notice a number of new interior design trends that have been popping up. They look to be trends to take notice of for the second half of this year and so we thought we’d give you our input on what kind of décor is taking off.


No longer reserved for sailors, stripes have been having a real come back! This could be a bold monochromatic statement, you will see a great example of a striped wallpaper in our recent window display, or it could be subtle in a delicate pastel colourway with soft edges. If you can’t see yourself with stripes from ceiling to floor then adding a striped chair or even a striped rug could be a good way of introducing the trend without coming fully out of your comfort zone.


Bright colours have been proven to improve the mood  and on a whole we are all becoming braver with our interior design choices, but it seems as though to cheer ourselves up after this challenging year bringing brighter colours into the home has become essential! This could be accomplished by adding colourful furniture, accessories and artwork into a plain white and bright room or by possibly being a bit more daring and painting walls with a bright and vibrant colour palette, we particularly love the jewel toned colours which will be sumptuous and inviting as we come into Autumn/Winter time.


An unusual word which simply translates as a ‘love of nature’ possibly stemming for all the house plants and garden renovations many of have completed during lockdown. Living Walls have been on trend for a while now and you may have noticed them popping up in on-trend Bars and Restaurants but you could add this to your home in the use of colour with greens and browns or even a leafy wallpaper. The wallpaper book Folium by Osborne and Little gives us so much Biophilic Inspiration!

If you’d like to discuss any of these trends with us in more detail or take a look at the ‘Folium’ Wallpaper book yourself then we are offering appointments in our Ripponden showroom.

On Trend & Inspirational Instagram pages that we’re loving at the moment:

@littlebigbell – Bright & Colourful with White Walls

@colourful_cookie – Bright, Striped & Bold

@theobert_pot – Great examples of Biophilic Design


Alex Lilley