Black & White

You might have noticed that in our next window display we have decided to experiment with Black & White Interiors. Black and White is a timeless and classic colour combination but there is a method to creating successful Black & White spaces.

If it’s your first time experimenting with Black and White a simple black wall has potential to be a showstopper. It can add drama to your space without you having to add black to every wall in the room and it can be a great trick for smaller rooms as it won’t make the space feel any smaller, it can infact have the opposite effect!

It can be effective to use patterns in a monochromatic space to create texture. We are fans of zebra and other animal prints which can just be added in small amounts such as in cushions or curtain trims. Graphic patterns such as stripes and chevrons can be great for grabbing attention and directing the eye to certain areas in the room. We have picked a striped wallpaper by Caselio for our window instalment which also has a thin gold stripe running through it.

If you are thinking of adding Black and White to your bedroom you could soften the effect by adding throws and plenty of cushions to cosy the space up, you could also add some metallic accents such as bronze or gold which is different to adding a colour as it won’t stand out in the same way but it will bring some warmth to the space.

We think that Black and White works particularly well in hallways and bathrooms, these areas are spaces that you want to feel crisp and clean. When you walk through the door at the end of the day you want your hallway to be relaxing and calming space and a Black and White scheme can deliver something that is pure and elegant but also timeless.

Some of our favourite interiors accounts that use Black & White particularly well are:




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Lucy Johnson