It’s fair to say it has been a very long year and that no words can really sum up 2020 but we have been excited and inspired when looking at new interior design trends for 2021 and would like to share some interior cheer with you to make it a stylish & individual New Year for us all!

Rustic Vogue

This look would be a great way to go for many of the houses in our area, it’s all about a country style with a sophisticated modern twist. It works at its best in homes which already have some interesting features such as beams or original floorboards but it can be re-created in newer homes using a mix of old and new furniture. You could even DIY yourself some panelled walls or a picture rail – we’ve seen a few examples of this on Instagram recently and it looks really convincing whilst also being cost effective.

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Cottagecore has stemmed from the idealisation of a rural life, we’ve seen property prices rising in the countryside as people realise the importance of outside space during the pandemic tied in with everyone working from home we think a large proportion of the UK has realised that you don’t have to live near to a city centre anymore. Think Rustic Vogue but even more ginghams, checks & cute prints. Cottagecore is simplistic but can be glammed up with metallic touches and luxury fabrics in a muted pastel palette which leads us nicely on to…

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Small print fabrics and papers

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Block party – GP & J Baker

Five artisanal hand block prints, charming in their simplicity, and a sixth brimming with exuberant buds and blooms, form the heart of this fresh, appealing collection. The modern graphics of Block Trellis and Bumble Bee are in contrast to the pretty Wild Flower sprig, the scattered blossoms of Flower Press and the fern like Pollen Trail, whilst Arbour, an eye-catching fantasy floral, strikes a bolder note. The softened outlines and natural variations of these young, light-hearted designs, together with a palette of lively, easy going colours, make them make them both adaptable and accessible.

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Earthy Grounded Shades

Just before we finished for christmas we had an insightful zoom chat with Little Greene to bring us up to speed on their new colour palette STONE which will be released in January. Its full of calming earthy muted colours from deep reds & rusts to browns & greens and neutrals. Just what we need to soothe our souls after 2020’s rollercoaster, we really love it and think that you will too!

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Arts & Crafts

We are sure you’ve seen this trend before, it ties in so nicely with the Cottagecore trend and has definitely been inspired by this years flurry of handmade items. We’ve had so much time to get creative & decorative that Arts & Crafts is really having a revival we’ve got a nice selection of William Morris books for you to browse through and a new one from Chess called Manor House which is a close take on some of your favourite Morris prints.

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William Morris Collection


Chess, Manor House Collection


Alex Lilley